Stand Up The Movement (SUTM) launched our anti-bully campaign in 2013 to help stimulate a bully-free, anti-violent culture among our youth.  We believe we can accomplish this as we engage and  collaborate with students in various ways.

SuSu Stewart and YOPAT (Youth Outreach for Performance and Technology), through the highly successful Mic It Up program in Newark, worked with students to create several forms of anti-bullying messaging media including a short film/music video entitled “I Am”, the song “Just Let Me Be Myself” and several other performance pieces.

In September 2015, YOPAT conducted an Anti-bully Awareness presentation for nearly 400 Newark students.  We conducted an anti-bully school tour, by visiting a selected group of schools in Newark, New Jersey.  The visiting group included guest speakers who delivered the anti-bully campaign message with engaging activities and give-aways.

To listen to the song, “Stand Up”, click play below.


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