MIC VenueThe YOPAT/Mic It Up After School Program has developed a comprehensive curriculum for music, recording studio techniques, media arts, culinary arts and computer technology. The program is designed to enhance the quality of life for the youth by conducting and maintaining activities pertaining to visual and performing arts, as well as related technology within the community. In addition, the program helps participants build self –confidence, and communication skills that relate to all aspects of their lives. The activities also serve to foster pride in and participation within their own community.  Classes are held after school year –round.

The program also provides a safe space and career guidance that includes not only experience in perfMIU Showcase - 12-2015 - 17 of 53ormances and special events, but general employability skills like resume building and job interviewing. Students with a desire to continue on as entertainers receive tools and experiences to support them on the path to becoming professional performers. The method is to conduct after school performing arts activities in the form of children’s programs. This serves the dual purpose of providing performance experience to the participants, and also to provide positive entertainment and role models for the students attending the performances.